About Us

Wellness Interiors are passionate about designing for wellness and wellbeing, creating homes that enhance the quality of our clients’ lives.

Our design process considers interior architecture, lighting design, colour schemes, function and flow from one room to another. We collaborate closely with our clients, we listen carefully, then distil that information and use our expertise to deliver elegant interiors that are timeless and designed for longevity.

“Mindful design can promote health and wellness. As a Creative Director, I’m interested in the nuance and detail. Paying attention to the seemingly insignificant details will transform how people interact and experience their environment.”

Sheron Ravi, Creative Founder

Creative Founder of Wellness Interiors, Sheron Ravi is passionate about enhancing the quality and wellbeing of clients’ lives. A former Harley Street Psychotherapist, she re-trained as an Interior Designer, and has worked with some of the leading Interior Design Studios in London. She has honed her craft alongside some of the most highly regarded designers in the industry. She combines her former expertise as a therapist with her experience in high-end design studios. This ensures a truly personal and tailored interior design experience, enhancing wellness and wellbeing for our clients, our homes and our planet.


Sheron was invited to represent the design industry as a judge for the prestigious Made in Britain Impact Awards 2023. 

Made in Britain are making great strides ahead in promoting the best in British manufacturing, continuing the long legacy of outstanding design and craftsmanship that the UK is renowned for. Supporting our own businesses not only boosts the domestic industry but also contributes to augmented innovation and embraces sustainable practices.

Made in Britain Impact Awards 2023

Interior Design Declares

Wellness Interiors are delighted to be an official signatory of Interior Design Declares.  We are collaborating alongside some of the most reputable studios in the industry, as we corporately work together to make positive change and promote sustainable practices here in the UK.


House & Garden Magazine

Wellness Interiors are honoured to be included as Gold Members on “The List” with House & Garden Magazine, showcasing prestigious Interior Design Studios in both the UK and US.

The Life Magazines Group

“Wellness Interiors design for wellbeing by sourcing sustainable products and natural materials.  The studio has expertise in delivering a mindful interior design service that not only compliments their clients’ homes but can enhance their lifestyle and wellbeing…”

The Telegraph

“Why your house might be making your hayfever worse, and what to do about it.” 

 Sheron Ravi, from Wellness Interiors, was delighted to be interviewed by Hattie Garlick, journalist at The Telegraph.  This article shares recommendations from a range of experts, offering advice on eradicating pollen from your home, room by room.