Interior Design for Wellness & Wellbeing

At Wellness Interiors, we are passionate about designing homes that enhance wellness and wellbeing.  Here we explain how we incorporate mindful and intelligent design in order to promote wellness in the home.  We describe the countless benefits for ourselves and our loved ones and also how this underpins our philosophy of Healthy Homes for a Healthy Planet.

Beautiful landscaped gardens at our Cotswold project

Let There be Light: How Natural Light Promotes Wellbeing

Natural light has huge benefits to our circadian rhythm, which in turn has a direct impact on our physical health and overall wellbeing.  We spend much of our time indoors, so it is worth considering how we can embrace natural light from the comfort of our own home.  Filling your space with bright natural light can save money through energy efficiency by reducing the need for internal lighting.  Productivity, cognitive functioning and mood are all stimulated through both air quality and natural light.  Stress levels and anxiety can be decreased with sunlight, providing much needed vitamin D.  Moreover, light is the most important external factor affecting our sleep, by balancing our circadian rhythm.  This promotes deeper and more restorative sleep, thus, positively affecting our daily mood and functioning.

The image below shows full height aluminium french doors.  If you wish to install similar doors, you may wish to discuss your project with experts such as The Window Sanctuary.  

The library at our Kent Project, with full height aluminium french doors.

Physical Health Benefits of Designing for Wellness

Many of us live with allergies, skin conditions, respiratory disorders such as asthma or more serious health problems.  By considering our living environment carefully, and incorporating materials that promote health and wellbeing, such health problems may be minimised or completely eradicated.  

  • Products with High VOC’s – volatile organic compounds are commonplace in many household products and furnishings, such as: paint, varnish, wax, manufactured wood and carpets made with nylon or polypropylene.  
  • Air pollution is among the top five environmental risks to public health, through the release of highly toxic emissions.  Thus, indoor air quality is vital to our health.
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency provide an excellent printable infographic, available here: offering practical advice on how to improve your indoor environment and improve air quality.  
  • At Wellness Interiors, some of our favourite paint brands are Argile and Edward Bulmer.  At Decorex trade fair, I recently discovered an environmentally friendly wallpaper brand, called Woodchip & Magnolia.  

Argile have a highly sustainable and environmentally conscious ethos: 

Edward Bulmer have formulated a beautifully natural paint range with honest ingredients and responsible design: 

Woodchip & Magnolia use water-based Greenguard Gold certified inks in all their printing and eco friendly paints, ensuring their products are kind to the environment and humans:

Home Gym & Wellness Amenities to Promote Wellness

Whilst not everybody has the budget to have their own swimming pool, home gym or spa facility, we recognise the benefits of investing in these forms of self-care.  If your budget does not allow, your own health and wellbeing are still worth investing in.  Consider the incredible benefits of regular self-care rituals such as breathing exercises, to manage your mood and wellbeing, with youtube and instagram posts from Breathpod: or home workout apps you can download on your phone, such as Better Me:  Be creative and deliberate in other self-care rituals, such as lighting a candle or cuddling up on the sofa with a cashmere throw after a stressful day at work.

Outdoor swimming pool and relaxation area at our Cotswold Project

Wellness Interiors have the expertise and have forged relationships with specialist suppliers, with whom we can collaborate to design your perfect home gym, spa facility or outdoor living space.

Home Gym from our St Albans Project

Mental & Emotional Health Benefits to Designing for Wellness

Never underestimate the benefit of bringing the outdoors in.  Natural plants and flower bouquets enhance wellbeing and productivity, they help purify the air, whilst alsocreating a beautiful aesthetic.  The Royal Horticultural Society have written a lovely article, “Houseplants: to support human health”.  They recommend a range of indoor houseplants that you can explore in this link: , ranging from ferns and ivy to miniature palms.

Creating a Sanctuary for Comfort & Nurture 

Be creative and deliberate in developing self-care rituals, such as lighting a candle or cuddling up on the sofa with a cashmere throw after a stressful day at work.  One of my favourite suppliers of high quality throws is Johnstons of Elgin, who cater to a range of budgets, offering a range of products in Cashmere, Merino Wool and Lambswool: .

Another great way to create an oasis of calm and restoration is through tactile fabrics.  Scatter cushions offer beauty, comfort and can be soothing to the touch.  The Sofa and Chair Company have a vast selection of cushions and throws: , catering to a range of budgets and style preferences.

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