Incorporating Natural Wonders at Christmas

Christmastime offers the perfect opportunity to transform the mundane into the magical… 

A beautiful Living Room from our Cotswold project

The enchantment of this season is impossible to ignore, especially for those living with young children.  The fields shimmer and sparkle with frost as the sun starts to rise.  We seek comfort and shelter from the chill in the air.  There is no better time to show off our creativity and decorating skills.  

Here we offer suggestions on how to incorporate natural wonders into the home this Christmas.  So, pour a glass of your favourite tipple, play your favourite Christmas carols, and let’s get to work.  “Neptune” stores and “Bourne Home” have a beautiful selection of Christmas decorations for trees and entertaining.  When it comes to using sustainable wrapping paper, we recommend suppliers such as “Rowen & Wren” and “Cambridge Imprint,”or even using reusable cloth to wrap from “Clara & Macy.”

Nature’s Beauty

Seasonal foliage with a palette of rich greens provides a timeless look that simultaneously feels understated and abundant.  Moreover, the fragrance and aesthetic appeal of fresh pinecones, eucalyptus, mistletoe, holly with berries, rosemary and bay will lift the spirits and endorphins.

Oversized wreaths bring instant impact and drama to a scheme.  (We recommend “The Suffolk Nest” and “Grace & Thorn” for inspiration on Instagram and you can purchase from their online shop).  Keep it elegant by using evergreen foliage, so you can continue to enjoy it as it slowly dries over the festive season.  The best places to forage for wintry treasures are gardens, woodland, hedgerows and verges – respecting the law and seeking permission where required.  Nature’s bountiful offering is freely available and cost effective, however, faux variations may be easier to maintain due to no shedding of leaves. 

Images from our Chislehurst project

Natural Palette

The Wellness Interiors’ aesthetic is inspired by the English countryside, and we are passionate about creating interiors that are warm, elegant and immaculately tailored, creating a solace from the stresses of daily life.  Christmas décor is no exception.  Essential to an elegant display is to restrain the palette.  Three carefully selected colours or tones is sufficient.  Honouring nature’s offering, we would select from: green, red and white, with flourishes of gold or silver. 

A vast selection of vases are available through “Pentreath & Hall”.  When it comes to tableware, we would recommend “Lux Deco”, “Rebecca Udall” and “Sophie Allport”.  Beautiful dinner sets and table clothes are available from “Summerhill & Bishop.”  You can even hire a full table dressing from “The Table Stylist”.

Images from a Sevenoaks project

All That Glistens

A dusting of gold and white is the epitome of elegance at Christmas.  With the backdrop of candlelight and warm glow lights, the aesthetic brings a glimmer that is heart-warming.  We prefer warm white (over cool white) LED fairy lights on the tree or in window displays create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.  

A beautiful Living Room from our Surrey Country Home project

We love designing interiors for country homes and promoting wellness and wellbeing through intelligent design.  If you would like to book a Discovery Call and find out more about working with us: Click Here.

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