Refresh Your Interiors Sustainably

Embrace the freshness of Spring by incorporating a few of our design tips to invigorate your interiors.

A beautiful Living Room from a Sevenoaks Project

Consider rearranging furniture for a new layout and bringing in potted plants to add greenery whilst giving a boost to your endorphins. Also, light and bright palettes can be introduced through the addition of cushions and throws, with floral patterns and natural elements.

Let There be Light!

Natural light has huge benefits to our circadian rhythm, which in turn has a direct impact on our physical health and overall wellbeing.  Full height windows and skylights are a perfect way to increase the amount of natural light coming in.  Productivity, cognitive functioning and mood are all stimulated through both air quality and natural light. 

Stress levels and anxiety can be decreased with sunlight, providing much needed vitamin D.  Moreover, light is the most important external factor affecting our sleep by balancing our circadian rhythm.  This in turn promotes deep restorative sleep whilst positively affecting our daily mood and functioning.

Images from our Surrey Project

Improve Air Quality

Many of us live with allergies, skin conditions, respiratory disorders such as asthma or more serious health problems.  By considering our living environment carefully, and incorporating materials that promote health and wellbeing, such health problems may be minimised or completely eradicated.  

Products with high VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are commonplace in many household products and furnishings, such as: paint, varnish, wax, manufactured wood and carpets made with nylon or polypropylene.  Air pollution is among the top five environmental risks to public health, through the release of highly toxic emissions.  Thus, indoor air quality is vital to our health.

Images from our Surrey Project

Organic Materials

Natural materials such as timber, natural stone, wool, linen and cotton offer numerous benefits: they improve air quality, they are sustainable, highly durable and have a timeless aesthetic.  These materials typically age well and contribute to a healthier living environment.  Furthermore, natural plants and flowers also enhance wellbeing and productivity, they help purify the air, whilst also creating vignettes of beauty and perfect styling companions. 

The Master Bedroom and Ensuite from our Chislehurst Family Home project

We love designing interiors for country homes and promoting wellness and wellbeing through intelligent design, creating homes that enhance the quality of our clients’ lives.  We promote healthy homes for a healthy planet through caring, conscious and considered design. 

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