My Motivation for this Podcast – Episode 07

In this trailer, I share how my motivation for this podcast comes from my life experience, my faith and my hopes for the future.

Physical Health

  • I share how cancer and respiratory illnesses in my own family have motivated me to design Healthy Homes for a Healthy Planet.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

  • As a former Psychotherapist, I share how I am passionate about incorporating nature and natural materials in my designs. Mindful, intelligent design really can improve our own health and wellbeing, whilst incorporating sustainable practices.

My Faith

  • My Christian faith inspires me to be a good steward of our beautiful world, to nurture living plants and animals, whilst also promoting the health of my family, friends and clients.

Invitation to Collaborate

  1. Let me know which topics you would like us to explore on this podcast.
  2. We promote suppliers of sustainable products and services for the home. Get in touch if you wish to participate in one episode.
  3. If you wish to discuss an Interior Design project, do contact our studio:

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts and opinions expressed by our guest speakers do not necessarily represent the views, thoughts and opinions of Wellness Interiors Ltd. 


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