Sustainable & Low-Carbon Heating Options in Period Properties – Episode 02

Today my guests are Nick, Annie and Adam Baylis, from Castrads: a Stockport-based manufacturer of new, custom-built cast iron radiators. They also offer a vintage radiator restoration service.

This episode provides essential tips, amidst the Heating Crisis. Listen in for the “dirty little secret” we all need to know about!

Castrads recently won the Made in Britain Award for “Export Excellence” thanks to strong sales growth in America and the EU, leading to recruitment of new engineering staff in Britain, a sharp focus on innovation, thought leadership and sustainability.

They now have factories in the UK and Poland and showrooms in Chelsea, London and SoHo, New York.

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts and opinions expressed by our guest speakers do not necessarily represent the views, thoughts and opinions of Wellness Interiors Ltd. 

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