Sustainable Practices in Interior Design – Episode 06

Today my guest is Daniela Potter, from Daniela Potter Interiors.  She is an Interior Designer, based in Canterbury, Kent who has a niche in both upholstery and making bespoke soft furnishings.

Daniela is my lovely friend and a fellow Interior Designer, based in Canterbury, Kent. Alongside her interior design services, she has also specialised in upholstery and making bespoke soft furnishings.⁠

In this episode, we discuss interior design tips on how to make sustainable choices when decorating our homes. If you have a piece of furniture you wish to discard, think twice. Perhaps it can be upholstered and given a new lease of life by an expert upholsterer, such as Daniela ✨️⁠

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts and opinions expressed by our guest speakers do not necessarily represent the views, thoughts and opinions of Wellness Interiors Ltd. 

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