Sustainably Sourced Carpets & Rugs – Episode 09

Today my guest is Julian Brinton, Managing Director of Wool Classics. He comes from a family of carpet weavers, expertly weaving since 1783.

Wool Classics have a showroom at the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour in London. They are devoted to providing beautiful carpets and rugs which are made to a high standard, to last as long as possible, from organic materials which biodegrade naturally in soil. 

They manufacture their products using minimal resources utilising their own solar plant which ensures that everything they produce is powered by the sun alone.

They are removing all plastic and petro-chemical based fibres and chemicals from their supply chain to be as pure and healthy for the environment as possible.

Julian Brinton truly is a Master of Wool and is a trailblazer for sustainable interiors. I am delighted to have him feature on one of my podcast episodes.


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